We are happy to offer a variety of professional development opportunities, tailored to the needs of higher education professionals. In-person trainings can be customized to the needs of your group, and delivered at your location. Online offerings include eventcasts, webinars, webclasses, teleseminars and chats. In-person trainings are customized to your needs and individually negotiated. Online offerings are offered in periodically for the general public, but can also be tailored to your school or organization.

Fees and Booking

All rates for in-person presentations are individually negotiated, based on topic, size of audience, length of presentation, travel time, and other customer-specific needs. Sean will work with you to create dynamic, informative, and compelling workshops that best meet your group’s needs and fit your budget.

Rates for publicly available online workshops vary, and are announced on our events page. Online offerings may also be delivered to your specific group at a date and time of your choosing.

All bookings are currently managed in-house. Contact Sean by e-mail or phone (706) 363-0539 for details.

In-Person Workshops

Does your school, company or team need fun, engaging, and thought-provoking presentations and workshops?

Below are a few  presentations that can be adapted to your needs. Customized training on topics of your choice is also available. Contact Sean Cook at sean@higheredcareercoach.com.


  • Mad Skills features a brief game where participants “trade” skills in an attempt to build up their competencies, and a discussion about types of workplace skills, how people acquire them, and how to build a support network (online and offline). Includes messages about the value of student leadership positions and student jobs in building a broad base of transferable skills that will help you get ahead in your career later in life. A great program for Resident Assistant training and/or student leadership retreats. The program is best delivered in smaller groups (40 or less) but can also be adapted into a keynote address for larger groups.
  • Don’t Poison the Watering Hole is an interactive, game-based discussion about the importance of maintaining goodwill within an organization, through avoiding toxic communication, assuming good intentions and if nothing else works, going for higher ground. A good program for staff training (for professional or student staff) as a precursor to your beginning-of-year discussions about setting expectations. This presentation can also be tailored toward helping RA staff understand the power of their words and actions during the critical early stages of community formation on their floors.
  • Plan Like You Mean It is an introduction to planning high-quality, interactive programming on a shoestring budget. Ideal for student programming boards and residence life staff. Can be used to kick-start campus programming efforts, or to just get your team thinking like professional event planners. Once this shift in thinking occurs, your events will be more organized, more professional and better attended than before!

Online and Distance Education

  • Hybrid short courses for job seekers, graduate school applications, student leaders hoping to enter the field, and mid-career professionals. These have some self-paced individual activities, coupled with 1-on-1 coaching, and forums to allow persons in similar circumstances to network, support each other, and get advice from peers and a coach in a semi-private environment. See our event page for information on current offerings.
  • Single web classes and webinars on specific job search topics (some delivered exclusively by Sean Cook, and others delivered with the assistance of partners, friends and affiliates. See our event page for information on current offerings.
  • Self-paced, coach-yourself activities to help you get back on track in your job search. (Coming soon!)
  • Teleseminars on topics related to job searching, networking and moving forward in your career.