Attending a placement exchange is an excellent way to meet a lot of potential employers in one place at one time. Not only that, but you have the opportunity to meet and network with other jobseekers like yourself. Below is a list of the national placement exchange conferences:

Oshkosh Placement Exchange (OPE)“For the past 32 years, the Oshkosh Placement Exchange has provided an efficient means for college and university employers to meet and interview candidates from across the country. Most employers interview for entry level and/or graduate assistant residence hall positions, however, some post master’s degree positions are also listed. One may also find limited Student Activities, Programming, Leadership Development or Greek Affairs positions.” This year’s exchange takes place March 1-4, 2012 and is always held in Oshkosh, WI. Follow the conversation on Twitter with #OPE12.

The Placement Exchange (TPE)“The Placement Exchange: Phoenix 2012, a joint venture of ACUHO-I, ASCA, NACA, NASPA, NODA, AFA, and is dedicated to making job placement a rewarding and low-stress experience for all involved. Support from these organizations will increase the number and diversity of positions listed at The Placement Exchange. The Placement Exchange: Phoenix 2012 will take place just prior to the NASPA Annual Conference, March 7-11, 2012. Registration fees are separate for Phoenix 2012 and the NASPA Annual Conference. Candidates and employees per posted position attending both Phoenix 2012 and the Annual Conference will receive a reduced registration fee for the NASPA Annual Conference.” Follow the conversation on Twitter with #TPE12 and #NASPA12.

Career Central at Convention (ACPA C3) “Career Central at Convention (The New C3) is the hub for career services during ACPA’s annual convention. At the convention, nearly 4,000 student affairs professionals, educators, and students gather to learn and network. It is here that candidates and employers have a convenient forum to meet and discuss career options, arrange on-site interviews, participate in mock interviews, and explore career advancement opportunities. Recruitment of all levels of professionals happens during The New C3—entry-level, mid-level, and senior level. The volunteers who coordinate and staff The New C3 are committed to serving both employers and candidates as effectively and efficiently as possible. Services include, but are not limited to, position listings, interview scheduling, workshops, mock interviews, and resume reviews to assist both candidates and employers.”  This year’s exchange takes place in Louisville, KY, March 23-26, 2012. Follow the conversation on Twitter with #ACPA12 and #ACPAC3.

Don’t want to travel too far? Check out regional conferences!

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Last updated 2/23/12